Higher education has lost its way. In the decade or so of my association with it, it has become more shallow, more desperate, less interesting and less relevant than when I started.

I think it can be better.

This blog is about what’s happening in higher ed and ways it can be better. I welcome comments.


Who Am I?

Call me Professor Nanner. I have a PhD in English Literature  and a handful of publications, as well as a raft of performances and presentations under my belt. In the last decade, I’ve been a grad student, a teacher and a mid-level administrator.  So I’ve seen higher ed from all angles.

I went to grad school for the stupidest of all reasons: I liked it. I like being in classes, I like talking about literature, I liked writing papers. I didn’t realize that the PhD was essentially a professional degree for one profession: higher ed faculty. By the time I did realize, I was already heavily invested in it, so I kept going (which I do not recommend).

Before grad school, I had a career in the theater and a day job in the staffing industry.

My background is varied, but I like to think of myself as an experimenter and a philosopher. And yes, I know how hopelessly pretentious or naive that may sound to your ears because that’s how it sounds to me too. But whatevs, as the kids say. That’s my story and I have to stick to it.


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